Koh Tao

So I am jumping back a little here, we have now been home for close to two months (and I have not even posted 1/4 of the posts of our travel that I should have by now) and yes I have been a little slack in the posting department but this is all due to good cause. We have built a vegetable garden (not just any vege garden, it’s a pretty neat one, it looks great thanks to Daves amazing building skills and my staining skills) and been getting our home to be just the way we like it. So that’s my excuse anyway 😉

Back to the story at hand, I am taking you back to Thailand, Kho Tao to be exact, where we had a really nice 8 days of unwinding, swimming, reading, eating, drinking and exploring. We stayed at a great little place called Samatha Bed and Breakfast which was newly built and a nice place to retreat to during the peak heat of the day and at the end of an evening out.

Lucky Seafood….

I really like this photo for some particular reason. We ate at this little place several times, their Thai Green Curry and Red Curry were to die for and the cheapest we found anywhere on the Island.

Help your self to a seat at the table!

Time for an afternoon caffeine fix!


Restaurant La Ferme

Recently while we were in Sass-Fee, Switzerland for some Snow Boarding with our friends from  New Zealand and Australia, we tried out a couple of great little restaurants. One that we thought looked welcoming was Restaurant La Ferme. I think partly because it reminded us all of a great little Restaurant we went to in Les Deux Alpes called Crepes a Gogo. As it would happen due to a the Carnival that was taking placed in Saas-Fee for the weekend, most of the restaurants were pretty busy and finding a table for seven turned out to be a big ask! We thought we would give it a go and try our luck. However they were fully booked for the night, so we made a booking for the following night and off we went to find something else for the evening.

After another lovely day of skiing, unlimited visibility, powder and no wind it was finally time for dinner. Erin and I were getting pretty excited, being the food lovers that we are. I however was disappointed at the start with the service… I’m not saying that the service was bad but it was what I would call unhelpful service in terms of advice and making you feel welcome. The drinks were slow to come out but the food was prompt. And the manner in which our drinks and meals were bought to us was precise. When I go to restaurants I like to get the waiters opinion on some of the dishes that they have on offer and I usually end up asking them what they would have if they were to pick someone… I have trouble making decisions when it come to picking food from a menu when it all sounds good! This way it makes the process a lot less of a painful experience for all involved. Not at La Ferme… I asked Mathis our very staunch waiter if the pork fillet was a nice dish, his response was simply “It depends if you like pork or not” well that sure put me in my place.

The seven of us all ended up opting for the 3 course menu, which at €35.00 was a steal. And there was no lack of options within the 3 course menu option either… A choice of Five different dishes for Entree, Mains and Dessert.

The above dish is the smoked salmon that Erin ordered, the dish below is what I ordered… Mushroom Stew with Puff Pastry. This was a really tasty little dish, essentially their take on a Vol au Vent.

For the mains between the table of seven, only two options were had by all. In the red corner with 5 votes was the Fillet of Pork and in the blue corner with 2 votes the Lamb Loin.

These were both cooked in very similar fashion, which appeared to be pan seared then oven baked… rested as all good kitchens should do, then sliced and presented on the plate. Both the dishes came with roasted Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Beans and Fondant Potatoes. It certainly wasn’t the most gourmet of meals that I have had but it certainly was an improvement on the meal that we had the night before.

Triple Chocolate Mousse, with fresh Berry’s. There was the option of Tiramisu but seeing as we have lived in Italy for the past few months and have eaten fantastic Tiramisu on a regular basis we thought it might not be a wise option. At this point the waiter Mathis must have heard us talking about it and was quick to interrupt and tell us that it was exactly like the Tiramisu in Italy only presented differently. That was the most helpful he had been in the description of the menu all night! Nobody ordered the Tiramisu.

All in all the atmosphere of the restaurant was good, it was warm and cozy and exactly what you would imagine to get up in the Swiss Alps. The wine and beer flowed as did the conversation until it was time to head to our next watering hole of the night… Popcorn Bar.