Characters of Antigua

While spending time in Antigua we came across many interesting people and some cool sights.

One of my favourites was this little girl who sells Coconuts and Pineapples on the weekends.

Here is her little stall, she will chop open a coconut for you on a hot sunny day and give you what ever coloured straw that you would like to drink it’s cool refreshing liquid. Once finished she then chops it into pieces for you. You can have your coconut and eat it too!

I couldn’t not put her little cat on here, too cute!

This was the best Jerk Chicken I have found in Antigua! The chicken is piping hot with a yummy crispy skin and a grilled flavour to die for. Samson her cat supervisors the cooking process and likes to have his photo taken too.

The Survivors! You can catch them at Bumpkins on a Saturday from 4:30pm, enjoy an ice cold beer whilst listening to come of their cool tunes!

A couple of homes that caught my attention.

This is Jacko, he is famous for his Donkey Taxi. Donkey is not so keen on swims.

Big Mommas Kitchen! You can find Big Momma down at Pigeon Beach every Sunday, as you can see on her chalk board she has a range of mouth watering Caribbean dishes. Her Jerk Pork is pretty good!

As mentioned in my last post, Jackees Qwik Stop is one of our favourite places to eat! You won’t find Jackee herself there in the evening but you will find Tammy her daughter. She lets us take our own wine and her home-made hot sauce is some of the best you will find! It is not for the faint hearted!!!


Signs of Antigua

We have had a couple of weeks here in Antigua and so far have been loving it!  After being in Europe of the last year (which I also love) it’s really nice to be in such a relaxed climate. Nobody is in a rush and it’s all about sitting back and enjoying the ride.

As well as the people, one thing that has character are the signs and advertising.

Here are a few signs that we liked while exploring the Island.

Fat Boy, Smart Boy… Love it!

Michael Jackson!

Supporting one of our local faves the Mad Mongoose, we drink the booze and not the water! Check out their web cam sometime you might even see us there having a refreshing beverage or two!

They put the lime in the coconut! They are a must stop shop for their Key Lime Pie!

Grace Before Meals… Baked or curried Chicken or Fish. The plates are piled high with food for only $15.00 EC per plate, that’s only $6.00 US!

Entrance to the gas station in Foulmouth Harbour. You can drive through and you can walk through but don’t you be cycling through!

Apparently it used to be the ‘Rasta Shack’ now it’s the ‘Improve(d) Rasta Shack’ !?

So here are just a few of the many signs of Antigua. I could spend days exploring the Island for photos of signs but to be fair time also has to be spent down at our favourite little beach (Pigeon beach) in the sun with Pina Coladas in hand…. Or their speciality Banana Colada… Or Rum Punch… Opps drunk now.