Carnival in Dominica

After leaving Bolo’s the next stop was a town called Calibishie for a few more drinks and to meet a friend or two of Rick and Alicia’s. As we drove into the town the streets were alive with people in colourful outfits and lots of loud music. The town of Calibishie was celebrating Carnival.

After walking with the marching parade for a we while we came to a friend of Rick and Alicia’s. Miss Helen, who was getting her Grill ready to get some Jerk Chicken on the go to sell to the passers-by.  A lovely lady with a warm heart and plenty of laughs to be had with.

The sun was beginning to set and it was time to head back to the Cabana to get ready for one last dinner at Pagua Bay Bar and Grill.


Dominica… An Island Paradise…

Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is a small Island in the Windward Island chain in the Caribbean. A long time coming with this post… Before heading home to New Zealand for a month from Antigua, we decided to check out a little Island called Dominica for a couple of days. After a little bit of research we found the perfect place to stay for three nights, Pagua Bay House, Ocean Front Cabanas. On the way from the airport to the Cabanas we stopped at the restaurant Pagua Bay Bar and Grill, (which is also owned and run by our amazing hosts Rick and Alicia) by now it was pushing 9.30am and after being up since 4.00am for our early morning LIAT flight we decided that breakfast was definitely in order before dropping off our bags to then explore the island. The food was awesome, I started my day with the Breakfast Burrito and Dave began his with the Three Egg Omelet and no breakfast would be complete without a local Rhum Punch followed by one of their amazing Bloody Mary’s… Ok maybe 2 or 3. With full stomachs we were ready to go!

With bags unpacked we jumped into the Jr Pajero and hit the Carib Territory. The roads in Dominica take a few corners and ups and downs to get used to but we were soon navigating our way around the pot holes and the insanely deep gutters.

Once into the Carib Territory we past many a local who were happily smile and wave as we drove passed. Unlike many places one may find themselves as a tourist, here in Dominica the people really do seem genuinely happy to see you and seem of a kind nature. Thirsty? No problem, we found a friendly local selling fresh fruit and coconuts on the side of the road. No straws, just drink straight from the coconut itself that has had its top chopped off in a matter of seconds.

There were many a place on the side of the road serving refreshing cold beverages, nothing like a nice ice-cold Kubuli (the local beer that only tourists drink) while exploring the Island. On a Friday and on a Saturday throughout the island there is the smell of BBQ Jerk Chicken in the air and it is too good to resist.

Finger licken good chicken! With home-made salsa on top, washed down with a cold beer! The perfect afternoon snack, and just enough to hold us off before dinner at Rick and Alicia’s.

Local Houses in the Carib Territory

Some of the many brightly coloured buildings around Dominica.

Hand in hand walking to school.

A friendly little chap.

Who needs a play station when you can build your own raft and then slide it into the water on coconuts! Pure Bliss!

After our first day exploring the Carib Territory it was back to our Cabana for some R & R along with a nice glass of wine, before heading back up to Pagua Bay Bar and Grill for dinner. And let me tell you this, the food there is amazing, whether it’s Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, but not only is the food good, Rick and Alicia are fantastic hosts and are great company too!

Characters of Antigua

While spending time in Antigua we came across many interesting people and some cool sights.

One of my favourites was this little girl who sells Coconuts and Pineapples on the weekends.

Here is her little stall, she will chop open a coconut for you on a hot sunny day and give you what ever coloured straw that you would like to drink it’s cool refreshing liquid. Once finished she then chops it into pieces for you. You can have your coconut and eat it too!

I couldn’t not put her little cat on here, too cute!

This was the best Jerk Chicken I have found in Antigua! The chicken is piping hot with a yummy crispy skin and a grilled flavour to die for. Samson her cat supervisors the cooking process and likes to have his photo taken too.

The Survivors! You can catch them at Bumpkins on a Saturday from 4:30pm, enjoy an ice cold beer whilst listening to come of their cool tunes!

A couple of homes that caught my attention.

This is Jacko, he is famous for his Donkey Taxi. Donkey is not so keen on swims.

Big Mommas Kitchen! You can find Big Momma down at Pigeon Beach every Sunday, as you can see on her chalk board she has a range of mouth watering Caribbean dishes. Her Jerk Pork is pretty good!

As mentioned in my last post, Jackees Qwik Stop is one of our favourite places to eat! You won’t find Jackee herself there in the evening but you will find Tammy her daughter. She lets us take our own wine and her home-made hot sauce is some of the best you will find! It is not for the faint hearted!!!