Fresh Fish… What more could you want

Each day (providing the weather has been good enough for the fisherman to go out in the very small hours of the morning) I get the pleasure of walking past the fisherman and their stalls that they set up
along the canal.It’s at times like this I wish I had more than my very basic understanding of the language so that I could talk to them about all the different fish they have on offer! 

Each fisherman stands at their stall with the attempt to convince you that their fish is the best.

I have not yet bought anything from these markets, but when I do my first purchase is likely to be Scampi, as there is a lovely pasta dish that I have had from several restaurants which uses the little crustacean.

I happened to be walking towards the stalls this morning and could hear a bit of chaos, once I got closer it was clear to see that a few of the local fisherman were having a little brawl. I couldn’t however tell you what they were having their heated brawl about as all the screaming and shouting was in Italian. Rosetta Stone has not got me up to speed just yet! There was a bit of pushing here and shoving there and then a fist or two! With one guy taking a punch right in the eye… A few of the others from the stalls helped to break up the fighting and within 10 minutes there was an ambulance at hand for the fisherman with the sore eye.

So there you go a little bit of excitement for the day!