To France for a Coffee

On the weekend we popped over to France and had a coffee in Chamonix.

To get from Courmayeur in Italy (where we had stayed the night before) to Chamonix in France we had to drive through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. Consider me a geek but I tend to think that tunnels are pretty cool! I like to give the token toot when I drive through one. And let me tell you, the Mont Blanc tunnel is the tunnel of all tunnels to drive through if tunnels are what you like! It is 11.6km long (that is 7.2 miles)!

Once we were through the tunnel, we drove down the mountain to Chamonix, where we took a little walk and stopped for a coffee to take in the view.

Ok so I cheated a little here… This photo was taken after we had left Chamonix, but I thought it was rather fitting.
Looking back up at Mont Blanc on the drive down after passing through the tunnel.