Have you heard of the Azores?

While crossing the Atlantic from the Caribbean back to Italy our half way stop was the Azores.

After close to nine days at sea we arrived into the port of Horta on the Island of Faial.

The Dock of Horta is covered in paintings by boats that stop here as their half way point.

On the one full day off that we had while in Horta, we hired a car and drove around the island. There was certainly not a lot of life to the island, aside from the town of Horta we manged to drive around the island without seeing a single soul. Restaurants… Nope Cafes… Not that we could see. But nice scenery and a really interesting Museum on the whale industry that once existed here and thankfully no longer does.

All in all a quaint place to visit, if you get the chance while crossing the Atlantic!


Day Twelve

Day twelve turned out to be pretty eventful compared with some of the days we have had a sea so far. It started with an early rise of 0530 hours for my 0600 hour watch. The sun was just starting to rise around 0700 so Lanty and I set the fishing rod out for the morning. Within 15 minutes we had a bite on the line and I started to reel the fish in. The fish in question was a Mahi Mahi, they are also called Dolphin fish or Dorado and they change colours from the time you take them out of the water to the time that you begin the filleting process.

Today was also our halfway point from Tenerife to the Caribbean, which called for an afternoon of celebration.

Not too long before the halfway party we managed to reel in yet another fish, our best day yet. This time round it was one from the Tuna family.

Soon it was time for a little tipple of bubbly and a few tasty treats.

To celebrate our half way mark and the warmer weather that has come along with it, there was a tropical theme set for all to dress to.

Day Six of Crossing the Atlantic

This morning all aboard were up early  for our approach into Tenerife, the port of Santa Cruz to be exact. The main purpose of the stop was to refuel for the next leg of the trip which is the longest, across to the West Indies. Originally this was only going to only be a pit stop, however we are waiting for some weather to pass before continuing on. That means we have 2 nights here now, which allows for plenty of time to explore.

In the photo below we are taking on the fuel – Fill her up please!

This afternoon I took a walk into town. To get into town I had to walk through the port which full of activity with smaller boats, trucks, cranes and loads of shipping containers. Once I was out of the port I headed into the ‘Old Town’

Tomorrow Dave and I are heading for the hills!

Crossing the Atlantic Day Five

We are getting close to Tenerife now, I think we are due to arrive there late tonight or maybe early morning. I need an update on our ETA but I shall keep you posted on that one. I missed the sunrise this morning due to sleeping in a little after my 2am finish on watch last night. But when I finally did arise this is what greeted me.

With any luck we will be able to get off the boat tomorrow and explore the island.

The first ship of the day. A LNG Tanker (GAS) all vessels must stay 2 miles clear of these bad boys. The five domes that you can see are the tops of the gas storage cylinders. This one was heading for Rotterdam.

Then moments later the boys caught another fish!

Which meant I got to use my new knife yet again and today I decided to use gloves for the procedure of filleting this fish. Due to having to wash my hands with toothpaste over five times yesterday before getting my hands back to normal.

The fish in questions is an Albacore which is also a type of tuna, in comparison to the skip fish that we caught yesterday the flesh of this fish was much lighter in colour. can’t wait to have it for dinner! The fish are getting bigger by the day.

Day Four Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

Today was an eventful day at sea, we might not have had a single boat appear on the radar but there was plenty going on from natures side of things. My day started this morning at 6am for my watch, a couple of hours after starting the watch it was time for the sun to rise.

A little later today the Sea had flattened out to a mill-pond, it was hard to believe that it was the same sea that we were sailing in yesterday. There were several Ocean Turtles that we spotted floating on by and we even saw a couple of Dolphins in the distance, they were a little shy unlike most and didn’t come too close.

That small black spot among all the blue is one of the Dolphins that we saw.

A spot of fishing was on the cards also this afternoon, it took a while but after a few hours we got a bite.

The fish that was caught was a Snap Fish which is part of the Tuna family. I got to gut him and fillet him which was great fun, as I got to try one of my new knives that I had recently purchased. Once I had completed the filleting I took the fillets to the galley and wrapped them up and placed them on ice so we could have it a little later on a pre dinner snack! With one fillet we thinly sliced it and had it raw and with the rest we seared it in a smoking hot pan and covered it in sesame seeds… YUM!

All in all not bad for a calm day at sea with no other boats in sight!