Sri Lankan Train Track Walk

On our fourth day in Sri Lanka we did something a bit different.

We arrived at a small town called Ella, located in the hill country in southern Sri Lanka. Our guide recommended a 5km walk down the train tracks from Ella to the next station down the line. This sounded fun and we soon found out it would be a good way to see the condition of the of the railways, originally built by the British in the mid 1800’s. Once walking to Demodara, we would take the train back. Sounds like fun, lets go !

After heading off down the track, it didn’t take long to notice that maybe these are the original rails laid by the British over 150 years ago !

Isn’t that nail meant to hold that track down?!

Wonder where the ‘clickity-clack’ noise comes from? Its from the gaps in the rail joins, and its little wonder Sri Lankan trains are not the quietest to ride in. More loose bolts, missing nails…..

Walking down the track we meet a rail ‘inspection & maintenance’ worker. Looks like he has been doing alot of walking….. not much else!

We came to the conclusion that Sri Lankan railways rely on the weight of the trains to hold everything down. So we got on and enjoyed the scenery.

Cheeky monkey !

After a lovely 5km walk and arriving to our destination of Demodara station, we had a bit of time to kill before jumping on a train back to Ella.

There is only one way to cool down after a long walk…….. mmmmm beeeer !


5 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Train Track Walk

  1. Loved the pics. Hope to see more in the future. And hope you get yourself the lens from your wish list. Truly enjoyed the pics, the captions and the stories. Don’t stop posting!

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